A day-long event at the Design Museum in London in collaboration with MA Interaction Design Communication at London College of Communication. We invited guest speakers and student groups to respond to the themes of the Design Museum’s Future Home exhibition. Featuring Corinna Gardner, Alexandra Deschamps-Sonsino, Sarah Kember, Anab Jain, Jennifer Gabrys, Allison Powell, Matt Malpass and Henry Cooke.

The guests addressed the histories of critical design practice, data and the city, the world of connected objects and the ways in which they are exploited or abused for malicious intent. 




Computing the Real (Talk 2022) – Haunted Machines at Talk To Me (Talk 2021) - Conditional Values (Panel 2020)What if Our World is Their Heaven? (Workshop 2020)Designing an Ecological Alexa (Workshop 2019) –  Histories and Myths of the 21st Century Home (Panel 2019)Deep Fakes or Rendering the Truth, IMPAKT (Panel 2018) – Deep Fakes or Rendering The Truth, Ars Electronica  (Panel 2018) – IMPAKT 2017: Haunted Machines and Wicked Problems (Curation 2017)The Hermetic Machine (Talk 2017)Accursed Creator (Panel 2017) Bot Like Me (Talk 2017) – Alchemy (Project 2016) Uninvited Guests (Talk 2016)It Came Through The Seams! (Talk 2016) – Scrycasts 1.0 (Project 2015-17) Haunted Machines (Festival 2015)Haunted Machines (Talk 2014)