Babylonian Linear B tablet from the Mycenaean palace of Pylos, approximately 1450BC. This piece contains information on the distribution of bovine, pig and deer hides to shoe and saddle-makers. Most of the earliest records of writing are accountancy. Source

Featuring Pinar Yoldas and Monika Bielskyte. The world’s leading economic powers struggle with an ecological crisis, a global pandemic and social and racial inequality. In reaction to this situation, in recent years we saw several alternative economic models, including: the Universal Basic Income, the Occupy movement, the Green New Deal and micro-economies in towns and cities. Which other alternatives might emerge? How can we reconcile economy and ecology? What role can art and technology play in this? Which tools and strategies do we need to develop to better understand and reorient human and economic processes

This programme is for anyone who finds it easier to imagine the end of the world than a panel in a spreadsheet. During Conditional Values, a spreadsheet is the starting point for unorthodox presentations on alternative economic models for a sustainable future.

Recording of the panel.



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