Haunted Machines is an ongoing project by Natalie Kane and Tobias Revell exploring narratives of myth, magic and haunting around technology.

The continued proliferation of connected devices and the narratives driving them forward has been running parallel to stories of surveillance, hacking and black boxes. While designers and technologists talk about 'magic' and 'enchantment' in regard to these devices, we forget that magic is a form of deception; a sleight of hand. Thinkers, writers, designers and artists are beginning to refer more and more to a new time of hauntings and the supernatural in respect of this new technological climate.

In February 2015, the speakers at our opening conference at FutureEverything 2015; Ingrid Burrington, Warren Ellis, Joanne McNeil, Eleanor Saitta, Chardine Taylor-Stone and Georgina Voss, reflected on the narratives of magic and hauntings pervading our relationship with technology and begin to analyse why these narratives exist, what they mean and what they do. Videos from the conference are now avaliable in our Visions section.

We have now begun a series of video podcasts - Scrycasts - with various practitioners of relevance to the project. These short conversations open up the initial framing and introduce new people to the debate.